• 2018-05-29 - Blog 2018

      We are proud to announce the return of our corporate blog for 2018! This year we plan on covering a number of exciting topics from getting the most value out of your workholding, to the most precise methods to locate a zero point system

    • 2018-01-18 - Giving you decision making power!

      Historically, Lang has always offered comprehensive product information, application examples and pictures and step files for free download from

    • 2017-12-12 - Reflecting on 2017

      2017 was a hectic, but good year with a lot of new uncharted territories for us...

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Your Expert for Clamping Technology and Machine Tool Automation!

If it is for workpiece milling, we are your contact as a manufacturer of high-end and innovative products for the metal machining industry. With our patented form-closure stamping technology at the forefront, you will find a workholding solution to almost any clamping requirement from raw material to the finished workpiece. These clamping solutions are perfectly complimented with our highly flexible zero-point clamping system and clever automation solutions. The cleaning fan finishes our product selection, automatically cleaning the machine table, pallet and/or workpieces after the machining process. Your advantage with us is this: All of our systems come from one place and are perfectly matched, interfacing problems with other systems do not exist. The modular building system and the multitude of combinations and capabilities are the reason that our clamping systems can be used in almost any machining center.

Our mission at Lang is to provide innovative and high quality workholding solutions to assist our customers in increasing their efficiency, productivity and profitability. We are committed to continuous improvement, new technologies and most of all customer service and support.