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February 2019

Makro•Grip®: The Same, Great Vise, Only Better!

11 years after the initial introduction of the original 5-Axis Vise, there are developments to our Makro•Grip® product line. If you joined us at IMTS in 2018 or have already perused our 2019/2020 product catalog, you may be aware of these changes. If not, no worries…

Since most of the new generation vises are in stock or will be in stock on or around March 1st of 2019, we will revisit these changes in this blog entry.

The new generation Makro•Grip® product line will replace the previous generation which has already been discontinued. However, we will continue to stock parts such as replacement spindles and jaws for these older models. It is important to note that none of the features that make the Makro•Grip® product line unique have been changed or eliminated. Our patented Form Closure Technology, reversible jaws, integrated Quick-Point, zero-point studs, 3mm clamping depth, etc. remain unchanged.

So, what has changed? Here is a list of what, and more importantly...why;

• The 46mm Makro•Grip® now has a larger spindle diameter and thread pitch. This increases the maximum actuation torque and respective holding/clamping force while maintaining the incredible accessibility this size vise has always provided.
• We have optimized the geometry of the jaw guide to increase rigidity.
• We have added a spring-loaded feature to the jaw guide to increase the consistency of the jaw parallelism while clamping on smooth faces and finished parts.
• We have fully encapsulated the spindle centerpiece to reduce debris sensitivity.
• We have added a lateral coolant, chip, swarf, etc. drain to the vise base.
• Some Makro•Grip® vises now feature a gripper and storage interface for use with our RoboTrex automation system.

There is a high level of compatibility when using older vise jaws on new style bases and new style jaws on older vise bases. However, some scenarios present limitations in clamping range so it is always best to check with our technical support team prior to ordering.

Technical support can be reached via phone numbers that be found on the “contact us” portion of our website,, or by emailing

Please also note that when ordering replacement components for your Makro•Grip® vise we will now request the item number of the Makro•Grip® vise you are ordering parts for. This helps avoid any confusion and/or false orders. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

These changes will improve upon phenomenon common to self-centering vise technology as a whole and will ultimately provide you with a better manufacturing experience. Thank you for choosing Lang!

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