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Automation Workholding

Makro-Grip Automation Vises:

Item No. 146160    Makro-Grip Automation Vise 77, length 170mm, clamping range 0-160mm
Item No. 146205    Makro-Grip Automation Vise 125, length 210mm, clamping range 0-205mm

Makro-Grip Automation Dual-Clamping Vise:

Item No. 146200    Makro-Grip Automation Dual-Clamping Vise 77, length 210mm, clamping range 2x 0-200mm

Quick-Point Automation Base Tower:

Item No. 146080    Quick-Point Automation Base Tower, height 80mm

Quick-Point Automation Support Pallets:

Item No. 165190    Quick-Point Automation Support Pallet 96, Ø178x24mm, with 52mm mounting bore pattern
Item No. 165197    Quick-Point Automation Support Pallet 96, Ø178x27mm, w/o mounting bores
Item No. 165196    Quick-Point Automation Zero-Point Pallet 96, 192x178x24mm

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