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January 2021

Who Done it!

Ever heard the term, “Where did that go?” and “I just seen it” and “Who used “xxx” last?” throughout your workplace? Perhaps it’s in the office or perhaps it’s on the production floor. Perhaps it’s even at home with the family. Nonetheless, we’re confident that you’ve either heard it or said it yourself. It’s the bane of existence to go use the tape measure and it’s gone. Or you’re on a tight timeline to ship a product and can’t find the tool to fix the machine that just went down.

It can be a multitude of reasons as to why we’d be having this discussion. We at Lang heard it, said it, and did something about it. And YOU can too.

Now, per the usual, things are said much easier than they are done. A lean environment requires buy-in from key stakeholders. But we’re all adults, and we have shown that we can accomplish great things when we work together.

The machinist that’s roaming aimlessly throughout the shop looking for the right pliers when his program ended and the machine is sitting idle, is costing you money. The office worker feverishly searching to find where the one and only hole punch is, just missed the phone call you’ve been waiting for. The guest, who waits in the lobby, is waiting longer because we can’t find the visitor lanyard. It all falls into the same spot – wasted time = wasted money.

And this isn’t “hot off the press” news – it’s pretty commonplace in all areas of the world.

The concept in itself is straight forward. Never look for another tool again. We at Lang take sincere pride in customer service. We don’t want to miss that call and we don’t want to spend unnecessary dollars (buying new because we can’t find the old) in today’s COVID cancelling environment.

So today, I share with you some aspects of what we do, to help you with what you do. Whether it’s the machinist on the floor or the worker in the office, there are so many small things we can do that make all the difference in the efficiency of a business. Let me show you a few:

  • Shadow boards  
                • Elevated
                • Recessed into foam
                • Hung on a wall
                • Outlined and labeled
  • Everything has a place, everything in its place

Do any of your tool boxes look like this?    Pictured below is an efficient way to organize it:


Another example we find very helpful is color coding the wrenches we use all the time.

Here's a good conversatzion starter: 

"Where'd that Torque wrench go?"
"Ah well, grab the pipe wrench and yank er' til she's tight"
SNAP goes the spindle or
BOOM goes the workpiece"

And, finally, "where's that one tool that does that one thing that was in that one spot?"

Thank you for following this post. And we just want to make it clear – none of the above costed barely any money at all. It’s time well spent with a little bit of creativity, left over foam, and a computer + printer. Anybody can do it – we want to share with others what works for us. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and we will be happy to assist.

Sean Van Derel
Operations Coordinator
LANG Technovation

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