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Clean-Tec Cleaning Fan

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Efficient automatic in-process cleaning of workpieces and fixtures!

- Perfectly fitted for cleaning pallets and workpieces prior to their automated removal
- Stored like a common tool and selected automatically via CNC program
- Can be clamped in every common shank Ø20 mm (or 19,05 mm = 3/4")
- By revolving the machine spindle the wings will (un)fold
- Available in sizes: Ø 160mm, Ø 260mm, Ø 330mm

LANG Technik supports BILD hilft e.V. "Ein Herz für Kinder"

With every Clean-Tec chip fan sold, 2 EUROS will be donated to the "Ein Herz für Kinder" foundation.

Learn more! LANG & Ein Herz für Kinder

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Clean-Tec Ø160 mm, Item No. 130160
Clean-Tec Ø260 mm, Item No. 130260
Clean-Tec Ø330 mm, Item No. 130330
Clean-Tec Ø160 mm, 3/4", Item No. 134160
Clean-Tec Ø260 mm, 3/4", Item No. 134260
Clean-Tec Ø330 mm, 3/4", Item No. 134330
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