Quick-Point zero point clamping system

Investing in Efficiency

Set-up time reduction and a high degree of flexibility are the main reasons for an investment in a zero point clamping system in order to increase the productive time or reduce the downtime of the machine tool. The necessity to use existing capacities to produce more efficiently has moved many companies to equip their production with zero point clamping systems.

About 20 years ago, LANG Technovation's German parent company LANG Technik began to develop such a system for its own production and to improve it continuously. The main demands were: It should be easy to use, low-maintenance and cost-effective.

All of those characteristics are combined in the Quick-Point zero point clamping system.

As an interface between the machine table and the clamping device, Quick-Point is characterized by a special diversity of variants. Whether round, rectangular or square in shape, Quick-Point offers two different grid systems 52 mm and 96 mm for a suitable solution for every application, even for clamping towers in horizontal machining centers. The mounting of the zero point plates on the machine table is equally flexible. Several possibilities are available to the user. From the prefabricated borehole pattern for common groove spacing, through the conventional clamping with clamping claws, up to the individual borehole pattern, there are no limits to the design possibilities.

All Quick-Point zero point plates have the actuation via a patented rod system in common, either mechanically as standard or pneumatically as an alternative option. Another feature they have in common is the construction height of only 27 mm, as well as a repeatability of 0,005 m. Because of this precision and the holding force of 4,500 kg or 6,000 kg, the Quick-Point zero point clamping system meets the requirements that are demanded in the machining industry – highest precision, flexibility and process reliability.

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Flexible and modular

The construction height of the Quick-Point zero point clamping system of only 27 mm results in little space loss in the machine. This is, for example, advantageous with a construction with a 4th axis, which greatly reduces the possible travel in the z direction. In combination with the also very compact and flat clamping devices, you receive a combination which is unique on the market. Also, the Quick-Point system with all its elements offers the possibility, to support the clamping device within a few seconds in such a way that the optimal distance between the spindle and machine table is achieved. This is important in the 5-sided machining.

Subsequent changes to a Quick-Point system already in use are possible without big effort. Quick-Point plates are designed comprehensively because of the grid size of 52 or 96 mm. Existing table arrangements can be extended or changed. The entire work envelope of the machine can be used by rowing up several Quick-Point plates. As well as subsequent additions, the adaptation of the Quick-Point zero point clamping system to a foreign zero point clamping system, via the introduction of an individual borehole pattern, presents no problems and is frequently used in practice.
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Fast and combinable

Companies, who would like to take advantage of the benefits of the Quick-Point zero point clamping system, but still want to resort to existing (market-accompanying) clamping devices, can do so by simply and quickly attaching the Quick-Point clamping studs. The same procedure is suitable for the direct clamping of larger workpieces, which can hardly be clamped with a common vise, or in the case of components requiring complete accessibility.
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Sturdy and low-maintenance

The body of the Quick-Point zero point plates is made of case-hardened and grinded steel and brings the required sturdiness and longevity for the daily requirements in a machining environment. Due to the patented rod system and the protective plugs in unused mounting holes, the plates’ interior is almost completely protected from chips and dirt. By this, the maintenance and subsequent costs are kept to a minimum.
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Universal and automatable

As mentioned at the beginning, Quick-Point offers a suitable solution for every application. In contrast to many other systems on the market, it can be retrofitted to almost all machine tools and increases its value immensely. By this, the basic requirements for automation a machine tool is fulfilled, since the zero point clamping system is the interface between machine and automation. The zero point clamping system can be actuated mechanically or pneumatically. Thus, it doesn’t matter whether a media feed-through is present in the machine or not.
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With the Quick-Point zero point clamping system, LANG has a system which is ideally complemented by the Makro-Grip clamping devices series and its own automation solutions. It is therefore a complete, self-sufficient package, which nevertheless leaves all possibilities open for a combination with existing foreign systems. According to the “all from one source” principle, the LANG systems are ideally matched to one another, by ensuring an efficient use of the capacities and available space in the machine room. This approach and the resulting value have not only convinced thousands of customers worldwide to use the LANG system in their own production, but are also regarded as the standard and benchmark for the development of the products of many clamping manufacturers.
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